Your Family Deserves A Dentist Who Cares

We do a lot of things at Holladay Dental Studio.

We offer cosmetic and restorative dental procedures.

But at the heart of our practice, we want to be the family dentist for our patients in Holladay, UT and the surrounding area.

If you are a parent, then nothing is more important to you than your children and your children’s health. We want to help you keep your children’s teeth and gums as healthy as they can be.

Preventive care is the backbone of general dentistry, and our patients, including your kids, are the reason that we do what we do.

February is when the American Dental Association celebrates National Children’s Dental Health Month, so we decided to take some time to discuss how dental care changes as your children get older.

Infants And Toddlers

You may not think there is much to do for someone who has no or only a few teeth. Yet, it’s still important to protect your little one’s oral health.

Before his or her first tooth erupts, you can start by cleaning your child’s gums with a moist cloth or a piece of gauze after each feeding.

When that first tooth does arrive, you should be happy. This is an important milestone in your child’s development.

The important thing to remember is that if your child has a tooth, then your child can develop tooth decay. Just like you brush your own teeth, you should be brushing your little one’s tooth (and eventually teeth), too.

You will need a soft-bristled toothbrush that is appropriate for your child’s mouth. You will need to squeeze a bit of toothpaste about the size of a grain of rice, and gently scrub your son or daughter’s teeth on all sides a couple times each day.

3- To 6-Year-Olds

As your children get older, they will want to show their independence. Between the ages of 3 and 6, most children will be ready to brush and floss their own teeth.

Now, we would encourage you to supervise your children to make sure they are doing what they should do.

First, they should brush twice each day for two minutes each time. To help with this, you can download one of the many smartphone apps that can make brushing more fun. Or, you can keep things simple by using a kitchen timer or a stopwatch.

Second, you want to make sure your children spit out the toothpaste when they are finished brushing.

Third, your children should floss daily. Starting this habit as early as possible can have life-long benefits as they get older.

7- to 12-Year-Olds

By age 7, most children will be able to brush and floss without supervision, although you may want to check on them from time to time. (We’ve been told that children sometimes don’t do what they are supposed to do.)

Your child will start losing his or her baby teeth during this time, too.

Hopefully, you have been bringing your son or daughter for routine cleanings already by this time in his or her life.

We will be checking their teeth each time your children visit us. With X-rays and examinations, we will keep an eye on what is happening as their permanent teeth start to come in.

If we notice any problems, we may recommend ways to intervene to minimize your son or daughter’s need for orthodontic treatment.

The Teenage Years

At this point, your children should be taking responsibility for their own oral hygiene.

If your teen does need orthodontic treatment, then we may be able to help with Invisalign. This won’t work for severe problems, but it does work on several issues including crossbites, overbites, and underbites, as well as crooked, crowded, and gapped teeth.

A Few More Things To Know

You can bring your child to our office around age 3 for his or her first dental visit. This can help us build a relationship with your son or daughter, and it may keep them from developing dental anxiety later in life.

We can apply sealants to your children’s teeth to provide an added layer of protection against cavities.

And we offer fluoride treatments, which can strengthen and restore enamel.

We Care For You … Like Family

Your family is important to you, and our patients are important to our staff at Holladay Dental Studio.

If you aren’t already one of our patients, then come by our dentist office in Holladay, UT. We would love to meet you and your children.

To make an appointment, fill out our online form or call 801-997-1137.

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