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Relieving Dental Anxiety

At Holladay Dental Studio, we understand that some patients can be anxious or even fearful of visiting the dentist’s office. These fears can be the result of a bad experience at another office or of nothing at all – either way, it’s okay to be afraid! At our office, we work to create a comfortable and safe environment for our patients. In addition to providing a fun and friendly staff, we offer several sedation options as well as other comfort amenities in order to relieve your dental anxiety.

Nitrous Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous oxide is the substance that most patients know as “laughing gas.” Once the gas is inhaled, you will feel more relaxed and at ease. The effects easily wear off after a few minutes. This form of sedation is often used for short, uncomplicated procedures and is great for nervous children and adults.

Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Oral conscious sedation is the type of sedation most commonly used at our office. Oral sedation is a pill that is ingested, preferably on an empty stomach. It takes a while for the drug to take effect, but when it does, you will feel very relaxed and sleepy. With this type of sedation, you will be conscious throughout the procedure, but experiences will be dulled and more comfortable. This type of sedation is great for most levels of fear and for medium-intensity procedures.

IV Sedation Dentistry

IV sedation is reserved for the longest and most complicated procedures. We do not offer this type of sedation on a day-to-day basis. While our staff can administer the other types of sedation, IV sedation must be administered by a specialist. IV sedation is administered through an IV directly into your bloodstream. This provides a deeper level of sedation, letting you sleep throughout the procedure. When you wake up, you will not remember sounds or smells from the treatment. Though not for everyone, IV sedation is great for those who have severe anxiety, fear, or phobia of the dentist. Ask about how you can schedule an IV sedation–assisted appointment.

Other Comfort Options

In addition to our sedation dentistry solutions, we offer various other benefits that help to make our patients feel more comfortable and at ease while visiting our office.

    • Longer appointments – At Holladay Dental Studio, we have the ability to schedule longer appointments. This allows us to take our time with your procedure, lets you have time to relax, and creates less rush and bustle overall.
    • Single-appointment treatments – When possible, we try to take care of as much of your treatment as we can in just one office visit. Can we do those fillings same-day? Sure! We do not want to waste your time with unnecessary visits! This is also great for people who have pre-visit anxiety – fewer visits equals less stress!
    • Semi-private operatories – Some patients just need more privacy in order to feel more comfortable. This is no problem at Holladay Dental Studio. We try to provide our patients as much privacy as possible during their procedures.
    • Televisions in every operatory – Need a little bit of a distraction to keep you calm during your visit? We have televisions in all four of our operatories. Watch your favorite TV show while Dr. Ericksen works on your teeth. Sit back and relax! This helps the time pass faster – we’ll have you in and out before you know it!

Even if you are anxious or fearful about visiting the dentist, Dr. Ericksen and his staff at Holladay Dental Studio can make you feel comfortable. If you have any questions about our accommodations or would like to make an appointment, please call our office at 801-997-1137. You can also send us a message using our online form. Let us help relieve your dental anxiety.

What Others Are Saying

“I have been going to Holladay Dental Studio for myself and enjoy it. They have always been so welcoming, professional and efficient.

I just recently took my 2 year old for her first dental visit. Naturally, she was hesitant but from the moment we stepped into the office she had a great experience- starting with the toys in the lobby, to the free toothbrushes in the bathroom. The little tv put her at ease once she sat in the chair. Dr. Ericksen is so natural with children and was quick and fun while checking all of her teeth, even getting her to count with him. I thought she’d be done after that, but the hygientist kept her distracted and happy while she cleaned AND flossed each of her teeth. After, she loved carrying her little goodies bag and picking out a trinket from the treasure chest. Anywhere that makes me feel like I’m going to the spa and my children feel like they are going to Disneyland is a win in my book. I recommend them for all your dental needs!”


“I’m grouped into the “Doesn’t like the dentist” group and I can honestly say that I hadn’t been seen in a couple of years. When I had my cleaning at Holladay Dental Studio there was something about the staff that eased that fear. It was probably the friendliness of the staff, the knowledge of the field and the atmosphere of the whole office. Dr Ericksen was understanding of my fear and helped to walk me through all the treatment I had. I don’t like the noise the most so they offered me noise cancelling headphones, a blanket and pillow for comfort and they checked on me throughout the fillings procedure to make sure I was okay. I was able to get a clear understanding of my insurance coverage, or lack there of, and they were willing to work out a payment arrangement, even though they usually don’t do that. You can tell they really care about each one of their patients and didn’t make me feel like just another number. I loved my visit at Holladay Dental Studio and have more treatment to be done so will be going back very soon, and less nervous this time!”


“I haven’t gone to the dentist much because I dread it so much. My experience here has been very pleasant and I like how Dr. E is not pushy as a salesman. He explains things clearly and gives you all the options. The sedation technique was perfect and I enjoyed it. I would recommend his office to any friends and family.”