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Are you missing one or more teeth? Dentures may be for you. Dentures are a set of prosthetic teeth that can be removed for cleaning or otherwise when it is convenient. At Holladay Dental Studio, we offer many different types of dentures. Which option you choose will depend directly on your specific circumstance and overall oral health.


Implant-supported dentures are removable dentures that are anchored in your mouth by dental implants. The implants are surgically placed in your gums, allowing the dentures to be secured into place on top. Check out our page on dental implants for more information on the implant placement process.

Once the implant is placed, there are two excellent options for implant-supported dentures:

  • Bar-retained dentures – With this option, a small metal bar is attached to the implants, allowing the removable portion of the denture to be clipped or otherwise attached easily. The denture fits over the entire implant system and is held in place by these attachments.
  • Ball-retained dentures – Like bar-retained dentures, ball-retained dentures work with implants to secure the removable denture. Unlike bar-retained dentures, this type uses studs or ball-shaped attachments that sit in the implants. The removable portion of the denture is equipped with sockets that fit over the studs. The stud and socket combination securely anchors the denture into your mouth.

Implant-supported dentures are the most secure form of dentures we offer. While still removable, they are attached firmly to permanent parts of your mouth (the implants). This helps to prevent the accidental dislocation of your prosthetic teeth.

If you are not eligible for implants or would prefer to discuss other options – you’re in luck! We offer many different types of dentures and will work to find the best solution to fit your needs.


While implant-supported dentures are a great option for many patients, sometimes other options are necessary:

  • Traditional full dentures – This type of denture is what you think of when you think of dentures. These dentures fit securely over your gums and are removable for easy cleaning.
  • Partial dentures – These work similarly to full dentures, except that they replace only a few teeth instead of the entire set.
  • Valplast – These are a type of flexible partial dentures that move with your mouth. These are often a more comfortable, natural-feeling option.
  • Metal dentures – Durable and smaller, metal dentures offer a stronger, less obtrusive solution. Metal dentures also tend to fit more snugly, lending security and comfort to the wearer.

Regardless of your circumstance, we can help you find the right denture solution that is right for you. If you are missing teeth and want the look and feel of having teeth again, call our office today at 801-618-0609. You can also fill out our online form, and a member of our team will get back with you as soon as possible.

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