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When your tooth starts hurting badly, it doesn’t really matter what day of the week it is. When you need emergency dental help, you need it right away! With a severe toothache, it is basically impossible to focus your mind on anything else. At Holladay Dental Studio, we understand your struggle and want to help you in any way possible. If you have an emergency, we will make time to see you. Call us now and let us work out a solution. Mention this special to get an emergency dental exam for only $19.

*New patients only. Cannot be combined with any other offer.


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What Others Are Saying

Amazing dental office, with great same-day service care. The office is calming, and clean–and even has a little toy section for my children. The same day service is what I love the most, every time I have a cavity, etc that needs to be done when I go in for my checkup, they will offer to complete it that day. Much easier to not have to come back, get work off, get children watched, etc. Jonathan the front office manager could not be easier to work with, and always helps explain my dental financing prior to my procedures. Jonathan has called in several prescriptions for me when I have needed them, very easy. Flexible appointments, with Friday openings. When I have had procedures done, the staff will call the next day to see how I am doing. Andrew is competent, friendly and efficient. Great dental staff, office and care!
Dr. Ericksen and his staff are extremely professional and make your comfort a top priority. They are particularly good about explaining everything and making sure that you understand what is involved before they go to work. They do great cleanings and checkups. Dr. Ericksen is also great for cosmetic dentistry. He cares deeply about his patients and wants to give them the best results possible, not just get the job done. He is willing to explore all options with patients and allow them to consider time, finances, and overall dental health when determining the best options for his patients. He took extra care with me to ensure that I was satisfied with the final look of my implant, which has not always been the case with past dental providers. If you are looking for a new dentist or are interested in pursuing cosmetic dentistry, I would definitely recommend Holladay Dental Studio.
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