TMJ Treatment / Teeth Grinding

Holladay, UT

Are you experiencing jaw, neck, or back pain? What about regular, unexplained headaches? TMJ syndrome, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction, can be the cause of these aches and pains. TMJ is defined as the inflammation or other discomfort of the muscles, joint, or other structures that make up and surround the temporomandibular joints, or jaw joint. TMJ syndrome can be caused by any number of things, including injury, dislocation, arthritis, or other misalignment. At Holladay Dental Studio, we understand that these aches and pains can be detrimental to your quality of life, and we want to help.


  • Pain or difficulty moving your jaw (i.e., when opening and closing your mouth)
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Chronic neck pain
  • Chronic back pain, especially in the upper back
  • Clicking or popping of the jaw joint

Our office can offer many different solutions to your TMJ pain problems. Some options include:

  • Splint therapy – Nightguards and dayguards that temporarily reposition your jaw joint to create a more comfortable bite. These mouthguards can be worn while you sleep or during the day. They protect your teeth from damage due to grinding and can help to relax your entire facial structure.
  • Heat and cold treatments – Applying heat and ice alternatively to your jaw area can help to reduce inflammation of the joint and surrounding muscles, decreasing pain and discomfort.
  • Occlusal adjustments – This procedure manually moves the jaw permanently into alignment. Your specific situation determines the details of the procedure. The procedure itself causes only minimal discomfort and is a long-lasting solution to your pain.
  • Medication regimens – In some cases, medication may be used to reduce swelling or inflammation, or to manage pain. Talk to Dr. Ericksen and our staff about your options for TMJ treatment.

Are you guilty of grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep or while you work? TMJ and bruxism, or teeth grinding, often go hand in hand. Grinding or clenching your teeth excessively can cause fractures, chipping, general wear and tear, and potentially other dental problems.

Bruxism, or this excessive grinding and clenching, can be treated with many of the same therapies as TMJ. Splint therapy, or the utilization of mouthguards and oral appliances, can protect your teeth and temporarily reposition your jaw in order to create a more comfortable bite. We offer mouthguards that are to be worn at night as well as guards that can be worn during the day while you are working or otherwise going about your day.

If you are experiencing pain and you think you are in need of TMJ treatment, please call our office today. We will work to find the solution that is right for you. We can be reached at 801-618-0591 or by filling out our online form. Let our team at Holladay Dental Studio treat your TMJ pain.

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