A Smile You Can See, Treatment You Can’t

Your teen inherited your teeth … unfortunately.

You know your smile is crooked, but you were not able to correct your smile when you were younger. You don’t want your son or daughter to have the same experience that you did. You live through years of self-doubt and self-consciousness all because of your teeth.

You have become more comfortable with your teeth, but you still wish you had a straighter smile.

Maybe there is something both you and your teenager can do to correct your smiles. Maybe you should talk to the dentist at Holladay Dental Studio about Invisalign. Our office is just a short drive if you live in Salt Lake City.

Invisalign is Convenient

Invisalign offers several benefits for you and your teenager. One of the best advantages is convenience, particularly compared to more traditional orthodontic treatments.

With braces, you will have brackets and wires attached to your teeth. Those brackets and wires will remain there until your treatment is complete.

You won’t be able to remove them, as much as you might wish that you could. This means you must be careful about what you eat. It also means that you have to change how you brush and floss your teeth to maintain your oral hygiene.

And when your braces need to be adjusted, you have to make appointments every time at your dentist or orthodontist’s office.

With Invisalign, you will wear a series of plastic aligners, which are like custom-fitted mouthguards.

Every two weeks or so, you will make “adjustments” by switching your aligners for a new one. Each aligner pushes your teeth a little more. By the end of your treatment, your teeth — and your smile — will be straight.

For the best results, you will need to wear your Invisalign aligners for about 22 hours each day. But this also means you can take them out for a few hours, too. This is a big advantage when you sit down for a meal and when you clean your teeth and gums.

Invisalign Is Comfortable

Another advantage is that Invisalign is more comfortable than traditional orthodontic care.

Many people who wear braces find the brackets to be uncomfortable. In a few cases, they may even scratch the soft tissues of your mouth.

The wires can break or come loose. This can cause them to poke into your cheeks, lips, or gums. We can assure you that this is not comfortable for anyone when it happens.

We have already explained that Invisalign uses plastic aligners. Each aligner is a single piece of smooth plastic.

The aligners don’t have small parts that can come loose. They also don’t have edges that can feel scratchy.

Invisalign Is Clear

One of the reasons many adults, and some teens, are uncomfortable with braces is because they can’t hide them.

After all, you would have pieces of metal or ceramic attached to your teeth, and you would have a wire running between them.

Invisalign plastic aligners are clear and transparent. You can wear them, and many people will never notice that you are undergoing orthodontic care.

This can be a big benefit for a working professional or a teenager who may be a little shy already. Knowing that you can have a more discreet orthodontic treatment may make the experience a little easier for you and your teen.

Invisalign Saves Time

If the convenience, comfort, and clarity of Invisalign weren’t enough of a reason to give it a try, then we have one more benefit for you to consider — time.

Please keep in mind that the length of time it takes to complete orthodontic care will vary depending on the severity of your misalignment.

However, a typical treatment with braces will take about two years. Braces push and pull your teeth in two stages. Each stage takes about a year to finish.

With Invisalign, you can cut you treatment time in half. An average Invisalign treatment takes about 12 months, although some patients are able to straighten their teeth in as little as six months.

Find Out If Invisalign Will Work For You

Invisalign is typically best for patients with mild or moderate teeth misalignment, although it can be used to fix a number of problems. These include teeth that are crooked, crowded, have gaps, or have crossbites, open bites, overbites, and underbites.

To find out if Invisalign will work for you, your teen, or both of you, schedule a consultation with our dentist at Holladay Dental Studio, which is a short drive from Salt Lake City.

Call 801-997-1137 or fill out our online form to make your appointment.

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