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Anxiety and fear are some of the most common reasons for avoiding the dentist. Many people have a true fear and find it extremely difficult to make it through a dental visit. If you can relate to this, sedation dentistry can help – it can completely change your outlook on dental visits. With sedation, you can make it through an entire appointment relaxed and completely at ease.

We offer two forms of sedation: oral sedation and IV sedation. Your dentist will help you decide which form is the best fit for you. Come visit us to discuss sedation options with your dentist. If you are looking for sedation dentistry in Holladay, UT, your search can end here! Call Holladay Dental Studio to set up a free consultation!


Frequently Asked Questions

Oral sedation is sedation in pill form that will almost immediately make you feel relaxed. The sedation will keep you from noticing surrounding smells and sounds. Oral sedation makes you feel sleepy and keeps you from being anxious and nervous. Oral sedation can last for hours and will not wear off throughout your entire visit.

This type of sedation is given through an IV and it continues to be administered throughout your visit. The nice thing about the IV sedation is the dentist can control the level of sedation and raise or lower it if needed. This type of sedation will make you feel deeply relaxed.

No, you will not fall asleep for the entire appointment. However, the sedation will make you feel very drowsy. Depending on the level of sedation, you may only remember bits and pieces from your appointment or you may remember nothing at all. However, you will be able to respond to the dentist if needed.

With oral and IV sedation, you will need a driver after your appointment because the effects of the sedation will take time to wear off.

Yes, many patients have testified that sedation dentistry has completely changed their view of dental appointments! Patients are shocked when the dentist is telling them that their appointment is already over and it seems like a only few minutes have passed. This has helped several anxiety patients and it can help you too!


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What Others Are Saying

My experience at Holladay Dental Studio has always been great. Dr. Ericksen is always very professional but personable. For anything major, he carefully explains the procedure, options, and alternatives before proceeding. The implants he did for me look and feel great. He’s now working on crowns for me.
Fast, friendly and impressive service. The assistants were helpful and efficient. Dr. Ericksen was professional and easy going. I never feel nervous going to the dentist now because I know how skilled Dr. Ericksen is at his work. Insurance is a breeze with this office and I love their flexible hours so I can go after work. Highly recommended.
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