How Water Fights Cavities In Utah

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At the Holladay Dental Studio, we can appreciate how important water has been to the survival of of our little Utah community.

Way back in July of 1847, a group of pioneers collectively known as the Mississippi Company (under the direction of John Holladay) entered the Salt Lake Valley for the first time. Not long after their arrival on the scene, they discovered a free-flowing, spring-fed stream, which they called, appropriately enough, Spring Creek.

Fast forward to the middle of the 20th century when our country was in the midst of a health crisis involving cavities, decay, and disease. The average citizen had a mouth that was in a rather sorry state. This was especially true of children.

Then the government stepped up and did something about it.

The U.S. Government’s War On Cavities

To address the problems at hand, our government focused on the fluoridation of public water which they thought would lower the rates of tooth decay. They, of course, were right to do so even if we take it for granted now.

Since this project began, the incidence of tooth decay has been significantly lowered decade after decade. However, of late, it looks like that trend might be changing and not for the better.

The recent rise in tooth decay appears to be correlated to, get this, our increased consumption of bottled water in the last decade or two.

How can water cause cavities?

Well, it doesn’t.

The water in the bottles isn’t creating cavities, but it isn’t fighting them off either. And the more you drink bottled water, it is less likely that you will consume tap water. Our Utah tap water is actually engineered to prevent cavities with all the fluoride it contains.

Bottled Water Is All The Rage

Bottled water feels healthy compared to sugary sodas or sports drinks. And it is cheap. There’s nothing wrong with bottled water if you are on the go.

Many people right here in Holladay, UT buy bottled water based on the popular misconception that tap water is polluted, while bottled water is more natural and refreshing.

The truth is, public water companies are held accountable for following safety guidelines regarding tap water while bottled water manufacturers are not regulated in such a manner.

When you think about it, why would you want to pay for something that pollutes the environment with plastic when you could get a free version that does not cause any damage and readily contains oral health benefits in the form of fluoride?

Utah Tap Water: Refreshing & Dentist Approved

Our friends at the American Dental Association have observed that simply by drinking tap water, Americans can benefit from cavity protection whether they are at home, work or school.

How awesome is that?

We certainly wouldn’t want to go back to state of oral health in this community prior to the mid-20th century.

So, don’t neglect the tap!

Holladay Dental Studio Is Here To Help

Keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean by drinking plenty of tap water. And don’t neglect to schedule your regular visits to Holladay dental Studio for professional teeth cleanings and oral examinations.

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